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6 Travel tips for musicians on a tour

6 Travel tips for musicians on a tour

Are you a musician? New in a certain town or city? Are you looking for tips on how you can handle yourself in a new place or how you can manage your stuff in a new place? You are in the right place! We all get nervous sometimes. In fact, everyone gets nervous when in a new place or traveling to a new place. It doesn’t matter how popular you are, we are all humans and have our concerns like what reception will I receive? Will they love me? What will happen if I do not perform according to their expectations? The gamma ray tour¬†musicians travel all over the world and they have to manage their trip. These are questions that most musicians ask themselves every time in a tour.

Travel tips for musicians on tour

Do everything in advance

Musician touring means a lot of things. You get to sleep in hotels; you need transportation tickets if the need arises that means you need to book everything early. Hotel rooms get filled up, and there is nothing so tiring like getting in a new city with no idea where you can relax for the night. Do your research, get hotels rooms ready and map out your route before going. In fact, educate yourself about the place you are going.


Watch your stuff

This is not a tale. Things get lost, and bags get stolen on tour. You do not know anyone; this means you are your guard as a group. Be sure to be watchful of your stuff; this can start right from the airport to your accommodation room. Make sure to double check your belongings all the time. You cannot trust anyone except yourself.

Get professional with your important documents

This can start with your legal documents, identity cards, travel tickets, passports and other important documents. We do not want you getting lost or losing important things like a passport or visa in a foreign country. It is very important to note down all the documents you are carrying and more so, leave a photocopy of the same at home. This helps in case your items or bag gets lost, you can always provide proof of your identity even if you are in a foreign country.

Know your schedule

How many concerts are you expected to have? What is the time for each? At what time are you supposed to be there? When are you supposed to leave? These are very important things you as musicians should know. The key issue is to make sure that each one of you goes with the plan to avoid confusion, embarrassments, quarrels among-st yourselves and boredom. This also helps in time management.

Know your routes

We all rely on google map for every direction but sometimes, having your map in your hands to guide you through the new city is better than searching for google map in the middle of a traffic jam. You can get lost easily in a new town more so; it is not advisable to ask strangers for direction because you might not know their motives. To be safe, you and your team should be equipped with information about your every move.


Take care of you

We all know about tours. Partying, drinking and clubbing. Losing track of your eating and spending habits is easy. Be sure not to lose your integrity. Know your limits and always carry your manners with you. Tours are good, but a good reputation will earn you respect and keep you in the music industry for long.

All in all, carry a happy face with you. Tours can be fun but tiresome, so remember to eat, sleep and drink plenty of fluids especially water to keep your energy up at all times. Who wants a lazy musician anyway? Be active!…

Great Ideas To Color Up Your Stag Night Party

Great Ideas To Color Up Your Stag Night Party

Most men tend to change their mode of doing things as they approach their married stages. One can decide to organize for a stag party to kill the old memories by celebrating it with close friends. It is meant to be good fun and to provide an opportunity to everyone to try something new. The party night should be an adorable one to be fantasized and admired by many through flashbacks that are a night to be remembered.You can check out stagit stag party for great ideas and opportunities.

The main purpose of the party is to have a great time before surrendering to marriage life. In some instances, the party might be a full weekend where one might want to go karting, play paintball or clay pigeon shooting. These activities are mostly out during the daytime. As for the great stag night itself, one might involve the following party ideas;

Visit a casino

By visiting a casino is to make the night more glamorous. It is not necessary for one to participate in the gambling act but can just sit back and watch the whole drama as it unfolds.

Hire a limo

It would be the best idea to start your night. It is a luxurious and decadent way to travel to your favorite destination. Imagining cruising around town in tinted windows, blasting sound system and maybe taking a glass of bubbly champagne, would be an adorable way to kill and start your night.

Going to a lap dancing club

This is a compulsory requirement for a stag night. The lap dancing involves contact between the dancer and a seated patron where erotic moves are implemented. For an effective dancing lap, one must have plenty of cash because the places are highly charged. This is one among the many ideas that would make the stag party more enjoyable.

Going to a Bier Keller

It is considered to be a place having a lot of girls on hen nights and having a great atmosphere. It also has got some live music which turns on people making them dance on the tables according to the rhythm of that particular song that might be playing. All these elements make the Bavarian bars suitable for stag nights.

Practicing whiskey tasting

Whiskey tasting night is also the best idea that can be performed on the stag night. It entails both the whiskey legends and armatures. It would be more interesting when the number of non-whisky drinkers outshines the number of drinkers. Also is that it allows the participants to differentiate the different kinds of drinks available by having a test of almost all of them.…