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A cruise is an exciting and luxurious way to spend your vacation time, offering all of the fun of a high-end hotel stay combined with the adventure and exploration of world travel and the best life experience. Of course, cruises are not low-cost either, and the base cost of your berth often includes only the basics. And while the basics by themselves can make for an enjoyable and relaxing trip, what is the point of a vacation if you cannot take advantage of the amazing add-ons and extras? If you have got a budget to stick to, here are a few suggestions for the best bang for your buck when it comes to things to splurge on when you are planning cruise vacations.

Things you can enjoy on board your cruise

Beverage packagesbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Many people do not realize that beverages – soft drinks as well as alcohol – are often not
included in your package price. Paying for drinks on a per-item basis can add up pretty quickly, so a beverage package can make sense.

Early boarding

Some people like the ritual of sitting in a folding chair chatting with the other travelers while waiting to board the ship, but if you are not a fan of waiting, a modest fee can get you on board the boat right away. Your cabin likely will not be available, but there is going to be at least one bar and restaurant open, and you can spend your time exploring the ship.


It is a vacation, after all – even if laundry facilities are available (and they are not always) why do you want to spend your vacation doing chores? Valet laundry service is well worth the cost simply for freeing you up to get more valuable enjoyment for your money, and it can also allow you to pack more lightly.


Consider the area you will be touring and your own preferences. Sometimes a larger room or a room with a view – or even a balcony – is well worth the money. Some of the standard rooms on a ship can be a bit tight and having a little extra space can make the difference between uncomfortable nights and a relaxing place to rest.Try these tips and enjoy every moment

Special dining

If you have got a specidinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnal occasion, or simply enjoy a truly luxurious meal from time to time,
consider springing for a reservation at one of the non-included eateries on board. Costs vary, and they tend to book up quickly, so plan ahead on this one.